Advanced Medical Imaging
Large and complex volumes of data require sophisticated storage capabilities to seamlessly collect, store and apply the wealth of clinical and related patient information that’s available to providers today.  Leverage IBM storage and a vendor- neutral architectures and create a shared institutional infrastructure and patient-centric view of medical documents.

Application Acceleration
Massive amounts of data from Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) medical images in the physician’s operating room to HIPAA records within customer service all require quick access. To provide this instant access, the IT professional must reduce storage access latency and increase overall system performance. IBM FlashSystem™ is the only choice to deliver the right performance at the right price.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Virtual desktop and mobility solutions, using cloud computing, can help you centralize a distributed client environment, safeguard data and applications, reduce the cost of maintaining desktop hardware and software and enhance business performance and flexibility.

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